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A delicious vegan recipe that @lorangerieparis serves to the clients of @fsgeorgevparis .
This barbecue taste is exquisite!
Congrats @alantaudon !


Ingredients for 4 persons :
Cabbage and avocado assembly:
– 2 pieces of pointed head cabbage
– 2 pieces of avocado
– 1 sheet of treviso

Fossilized chervil branch:
– 50gr water
– 20 gr flour
– Salt
– Chervil branch

Smoked oil:
– 1 bunch of thyme
– 200 grams of grape seed oil
Smoked olive oil from Kalios for example

Smoked mustard:
– 1 c-of-s smoked water
– 4 c-of-s of smoked oil
– 75 gr smoked mustard
– 15 gr smoked lavender honey

– Purple oxalis, nasturtium flowers, seasonal flowers

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