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Coco at Opera Garnier


Coco, is a trendy restaurant which opened its doors in May 2019, at the heart of Opera Garnier, a 30’s style spot, worthy of the movie, Gatsby!


After Monsieur Bleu, Loulou, Le Piaf, Perruche, Girafe et Apicius, Laurent de Gourcuff  took over the Opera Restaurant, naming it Coco, a haven, in perfect harmony with the place’s architecture!


Alcove, velvet armchairs, brown marble tables, a bar area with a piano, beautiful interior greenery, rococo lamps, everything is present to take us to a parallel world, thanks to the talent of the architect, Corinne Sachot’s!


The menu is just mouthwatering, based on fish and seafood. There is something for everyone, in the same spirit as la Girafe while adding a personal touch.





Smoked avocado, Gambero Rosso, crabmeat, Royal bream tartare, snacked crayfish…and for meat lovers, you’ll fall for the the selection too. Argentenian Angus Eye chops, Iberian pork chops, French veal chops not to mention, seared duck foie gras.


I would definitely recommend:

Truffle cheese sandwich, to die for as an appetizer!

Tomato cod and chorizo with risotto.

The lobster linguini is delicious.

Churro as a dessert, nobody can resist this.


The place is open from the 7am to 2am in the morning, to make all your culinary wishes come true.




Coco, Palais Ganier

1, place Jacques-Rouché Paris 9e
01 42 68 86 80


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The New Saint-Tropez

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It’s summer already and many of you are curious about testing out the new Saint-Tropez! I have just gotten back from a first long weekend on the peninsula and here are my initial firm favorites. (Non-exhaustive list)! 

Let’s begin this article at the port and its two restaurants (opened by the owners of  l’Opéra and «La Petite Plage ») who put down roots with the« L’Italien » which takes us at the heart of Italy through its decoration, lightings and utensils, worthy of the Amalfi coast. 

A very appealing and gourmet menu, something one could imagine for a typical Italian restaurant. The coming and going of tourists but also the yacht shows, gives rhythm to this Italian stroll. 

« La Petite Plage », right next to L’Italien, with your feet in the sand and a welcoming decor, is like a house at the seaside.

The menus of these two restaurants are signed by the 3-star chef  Éric Fréchon (chef of the Epicure restaurant, at Bristol Paris). Of course, the specialties revolve around fishing, sea bream, crab, flounder, cod, and around 10pm, the music dials up a little and lets your body find its bearings. 

From flavors of the East with the  Salama  replacing Villa Romana, with a very inspired and harmonious non-flamboyant decor, along with several patios and a very varied menu, not to mention a Moroccan influence but Mediterranean too, is a treat! 


Now let’s head towards the beaches!

My ultimate favorite was the Réserve Plage  a 5* specialized beach restaurant and authentic decor, signed Philippe Starck, and a menu in keeping with my expectations! The delicious guacamole is made right in front of us, the sea is only a few feet away which is a rarity today at Saint Tropez, as most of the new restaurants at the beach are further away. 

The original decoration of Mykonos comes along this summer at Saint Tropez, moreover Verde Beach is in my opinion the best beach to party there and the food is delicious! It’s the perfect combination between Dolce Vita and « Baila Baila Baila », as the DJ turns up the music from his wooden cabana 3 pm onwards and makes room for Champagne Showers!

I must speak to you about Loulou, for their first season, which resumes the Parisian menu that I love, but with local specialties as an addition. The decor makes me think about Club 55, which is of course iconic, but also top-notch and younger with tamaris, that makes the place all the more charming. 

Les Palmiers,  the place is beautiful, the atmosphere is Hippie Chic, there is customer loyalty and the truffle pasta is wonderful as ever! 

Indie Beach, is very pleasant, mainly to come and have a drink in the cozy seating area, along with the family atmosphere. 


Saint-Tropez reasserts itself by being less flashy, more genuine and in keeping with the surroundings. Everyone was impatient for Bagatelle who opened on the 13th July, which is gigantic! And to have gone there, it still lacks staff to have a service at the height of the establishment…


Restaurant Loulou Ramatuelle

L'Italien port de Saint Tropez

Pâtes à la truffe Les Palmiers Saint-Tropez












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The Monte-Carlo Beach 

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We go to the « Beach » every year, therefore I know this place in and out. Let me be straight about it: I absolutely love it! According to me, The Monte-Carlo Beach is really top-notch, but also complete in terms of services and experiences. 

The hotel wouldn’t have turned into an icon, if it wasn’t connected to the Beach Club, with its 50 meters sea water swimming pool, not to mention its pier and “very chic” shacks, in stripped beach cloth, which the high-fliers of Monaco don’t hesitate renting during the season and making sure they can access the spot! 

Useless to mention, that the clientele is from abroad and hyper-upscale. During the day at the beach club, of course it’s a continuous parade of luxurious beachwear and outstandingly expensive jewelry, but overall the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. One feels comfortable immediately.  

One comes across celebrities at Vigie, an outdoor restaurant which has just been renovated, with a lounge area, made up of plush sofas and a lunch-dinner area, with teak furniture and high-end cord. 

And the wonderful sea view is definitely without an equal, it reminds me of Nobu, Malibu. 





You can also have lunch at Deck, the swimming pool restaurant where the famous pizzeria won the best pizzas of the world award, in 2014 and 2016! 

I strongly recommend eating the food at Elsa restaurant, the first bio star. Its terrace and the sea view, not to mention top-notch cuisine of chef Paolo Sari, will turn this restaurant into an inescapable Monegasque for you. The service is beyond reproach!

For the non-residents of the hotel, you can spend the day at the Beach and enjoy the outdoor facilities (daily fee). 



Avenue Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco
04 93 28 66 66
















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London is overflowing with high quality hotels and each time I go there, I don’t know which one to choose! However, I do have a firm favorite: namely Corinthia, if I stay at Trafalgar Square/ Westminster.

Opened in April 2011, the palace offers superb space, a modern design and high-end finishing. The rooms are very refined and of course comfortable: one feels pampered. The English courtesy must be acknowledged, with an attentive waiter.

This hotel is going to be a delight for your taste buds with the restaurant and bar Kerridge, not to mention Northall for a Modern British cuisine, rustled up by the chef, André Garett.

Of course, you can respect the English tea time tradition at the Crystal Moon Lounge.

But Corinthia is mostly an extraordinary spa, in fact the best in London.

The « ESPA Life at Corinthia » has four floors along with two thermal swilling pools. You have access to Hamman, sauna and jacuzzi with bay windows, which overlook the gas fireplaces, the perfect set up!

On the agenda, relaxation. I would suggest a tailor-made facial or even the relaxing massage which lasts 90 minutes.

The rest areas immerse you in complete ataraxy!  



My favorite spots in London are:

Annabel’s, one of the most exclusive clubs but reserved for its members and guests.

MNKY House, a great menu with a festive atmosphere

Novikov (the Italian way) for a classy and warm atmosphere

Milos for the amateurs of Greek food 

Yauatcha Soho, star Chinese cuisine which is a must

La Petite Maison for the French touch !

Coya, the Peruvian cuisine is just succulent

Nobu Mayfair, a classic




Corinthia Hotel London

Whitehall Pl, Westminster, London SW1A 2BD, Royaume-Uni

+44 20 7930 8181






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Atelier by Joël Robuchon

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If there is a “traditional” restaurant where I enjoy going to regularly, it has to be Atelier by Joël Robuchon. The chef has now put down roots in history, but his restaurants still keep up with the times!

The two Parisian restaurants, Atelier Etoile, located in the 8th direct (1 star) and Atelier  Saint-Germain by Joël Robuchon (2 stars), offer a modern, elegant and refined decor, but is never ostentatious. It doesn’t surpass the dishes, but is present as a witness.

According to me, it’s the best French gastronomy, which is revisited but executed in a great manner. When it comes to the aesthetic side of the dishes, there is no exception. The dishes are signed Bernardaud, they are chosen with great care, to tell the tale of each meal.

The concept of these Ateliers is to eat on the counter “around the kitchen”, which makes the experience all the more entertaining and warmer. This gastronomic show is a feast which revolves around the symphony of flavors, which are carefully prepared, before our eyes.


Let’s talk about the menu!




Atelier Joël Robuchon Paris Etoile

An enriching menu with about sixty references, the best and the most gourmet ones. The wisest option is to order little portions and share through the Degustation menu, the black cod, burger, scampi, king crab, egg, bar ceviche…. everything is delicious at the Atelier, not to mention exquisite!

But if you feel like sharing a dish, suckling lamb chops are delicious, and you’ll be enchanted by the smoothness of the famous mash!

As for the desserts, the title of the menu explains it well, known as the “grand finale”!

Whether it’s peach in a crunchy haven, chocolate temptation, coconut and its crystalized juice at -200°C, or even the sudachi froth in its fine shell. It is definitely an explosion of flavors!


One also appreciates the choice of seasonal and local market products! The chefs Axel Manes / Attilio Marrazzo ( Atelier Saint-Germain) and Éric Bouchenoire / Thierry Karakachian (Atelier Étoile) hold all the cards in their hands, to make these two best Ateliers, long lasting!



L’Atelier Étoile de Joël Robuchon

Publicis Drugstore 133 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris

01 47 23 75 75


L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joël Robuchon

Hôtel du Pont Royal, 5 Rue de Montalembert, 75007 Paris

01 42 22 56 56


Atelier Joël Robuchon Paris

Atelier Joël Robuchon Paris bis

Atelier Joël Robuchon Paris




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Maison du Caviar

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Many of us have been familiar with the place, before its renovation,and one also had the habit of coming across, among others, Karl Lagerfeld who was always seated at the table, on the left side of the restaurant’s entrance.

But this was without counting on the help from Gilbert and Thierry Costes, who recovered the establishment to give It a new life thanks to the architect, Oitemponto.


The decoration is top-notch and comfortable,the velvet arm chairs signed “MC” for Maison du Caviar and ceiling lights are In the shape of gilded sea urchins, making up a microcosm around sea and luxury.

No detail Is left to chance, the waiters are dressed In burgundy jackets with a white shirt and a black bow tie and the hostesses and waitresses are elegant as ever! The music atmosphere Is managed by a DJ: The Costes mindset Is definitely present and one loves It!  

Maison du Caviar lives on as an institution since 1956 and innovates itself with a more relishing menu than the previous one.

Bee-wax Bottarga, tarama and caviar burrata, avocado “surprise” fine crab spaghetti and estragon ; each menu page Is tempting due to Its creativity and the association of dishes. At the end of dinner, I just yearn for one thing, which is to come back and get a taste of the new dishes!





The unmissable dishes you should definitely taste (with vodka which shall embellish this entire meal) are :

As an appetizer: White Tarama

Starters : « Surprise » Avocado

Main Course: FineSpaghetti with  Baeri Poland Caviar « Tradition » Mashed potatoes, fresh cream with Baeri Poland Caviar

Dessert :Millefeuille by Maison du Caviar





La Maison du Caviar

21 rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris

01 47 23 53 43


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