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I am 28 years old, with an education background in journalism, I worked as a tv presenter in the French TV, after an experience of being a game show host for a Swiss channel.

I live in Paris…at least my main place of residence is Paris, but I am lucky to travel extensively with the people who are important to me, which makes me spend half my time outside the French capital.  

Why a blog?

Firstly, to share my activities with my loved ones, a simple restaurant during a wonderful weekend…. but mostly share my life experiences with you. 

What do I like beautiful things, beautiful places, good restaurants and of course fashion! 

What do I hate: superficiality, lies, and vulgarity!


For the time being, I have decided to focus on 3 themes: 

 “I tested out”: The idea of this section is to share my everyday life, through simple articles around targeted subjects such as: I tested the new trendy restaurant or I tested the iconic hotel, or the 3*** Michelin star restaurant of the moment.

– “Follow me”: I will take you in my suitcases on faraway weekends and destinations like Saint-Tropez, Corsica, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Bahamas, Megeve, Venice, Ibiza …

–  VLOG / “Meeting with a chef: writing about high-end restaurants is good but going behind the scenes in the best of restaurants is even better! This section is very important to me and will be in the form of a “VLOG”, and I shall invite you in the kitchens for a presentation with the chef, but also the main room of the restaurant, for a much-awaited tasting with the chef!

The new sections :

As time went by, I extended this project with new sections such as :

“Chef’s secrets “: The chef shares a tip for a simple recipe or simply a recipe that is close to his heart.

“A chef at home”: With the quarantine in 2020 and the closed restaurants, I chose to adapt my project to the situation. I invite a chef into my kitchen to create a recipe that is accessible to everyone and that we can then enjoy. And in order to create more content, I adapted this formula “with lives” on Instagram.

“Live from the Chiberta”: When Chef Irwin Durand invited me to come to the Chiberta kitchen every Tuesday at 7pm to make “lives” recipes from Guy Savoy’s account, I simply jumped for joy!

It’s for me like a weekly column where I can both learn and reveal myself to you.

Simply, just follow me !


My personality 


Talent for repartee