I’m 28 years old, a journalist by training, I worked as a columnist for French television, after an experience as a game show host for a Swiss channel.

I live in Paris… Well, my main place of residence is Paris but I have the chance to travel a lot with my loved ones, which leads me to spend about half of my time outside the French capital.

Why a blog?

First of all to share with my friends and family my activities, from a simple restaurant to a dream weekend, … and more widely to share with you my life experiences.

What do I like : beautiful things, beautiful places, good food, fashion of course!

What I hate: superficiality, lies, vulgarity!

When I started to think about my blog, I wanted to focus on topics that reflect my experiences, my daily life, but also topics that will allow you to have an objective opinion.

I have chosen to deal initially with three themes:

– “I tested”: the idea of this section is to share with you my daily life, through simple articles around targeted topics like: I tested the new trendy restaurant where I tested the iconic hotel, or the 3*** Michelin restaurant of the moment.




– Follow me”: I will take you in my suitcases for weekends and far away destinations, Saint-Tropez, Corsica, New-York, Los Angeles, Miami, the Bahamas,Megeve, Venice, Ibiza…

– VLOG / “Meet the Chef”: writing about high-end restaurants is good, but going behind the scenes of the best restaurants is even better! This category is very important to me and will be in the form of a “VLOG”, and I will invite you into the kitchens for a presentation of the chef, as well as into the main room of the restaurant for the long awaited tasting with the chef!

The new columns:

As time goes by, I have expanded this project with new sections such as:

– “Chef’s Tips”: The chef shares a tip for a simple recipe or simply a recipe that is close to his heart.

– A chef at home”: With the confinement in 2020 and the closed restaurants, I chose to adapt my project to the situation. I invite a chef in my kitchen to make a recipe that everyone can enjoy afterwards. And in order to create more content, I adapted this formula to “live” on Instagram.

– Live from Chiberta”: When Chef Irwin Durand asked me to come to the kitchen of Chiberta every Tuesday at 7pm to do “live” recipes broadcasted on Guy Savoy’s account, I simply jumped for joy!

It’s like a weekly column for me where I can both learn and reveal myself to you.

Just follow me!


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