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Many of us have been familiar with the place, before its renovation,and one also had the habit of coming across, among others, Karl Lagerfeld who was always seated at the table, on the left side of the restaurant’s entrance.

But this was without counting on the help from Gilbert and Thierry Costes, who recovered the establishment to give It a new life thanks to the architect, Oitemponto.


The decoration is top-notch and comfortable,the velvet arm chairs signed “MC” for Maison du Caviar and ceiling lights are In the shape of gilded sea urchins, making up a microcosm around sea and luxury.

No detail Is left to chance, the waiters are dressed In burgundy jackets with a white shirt and a black bow tie and the hostesses and waitresses are elegant as ever! The music atmosphere Is managed by a DJ: The Costes mindset Is definitely present and one loves It!  

Maison du Caviar lives on as an institution since 1956 and innovates itself with a more relishing menu than the previous one.

Bee-wax Bottarga, tarama and caviar burrata, avocado “surprise” fine crab spaghetti and estragon ; each menu page Is tempting due to Its creativity and the association of dishes. At the end of dinner, I just yearn for one thing, which is to come back and get a taste of the new dishes!





The unmissable dishes you should definitely taste (with vodka which shall embellish this entire meal) are :

As an appetizer: White Tarama

Starters : « Surprise » Avocado

Main Course: FineSpaghetti with  Baeri Poland Caviar « Tradition » Mashed potatoes, fresh cream with Baeri Poland Caviar

Dessert :Millefeuille by Maison du Caviar





La Maison du Caviar

21 rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris

01 47 23 53 43