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I have had this hotel on my mind for a while now and I wanted to see it, to actually believe it…

Cap Estel is a hotel perched on a peninsula at Eze, not really popular with the general public. You may not have heard of this place as one recommends this spot through word of mouth; the owners refuse to market the place. 

With its 18 rooms that include 14 suites, one almost has the feeling of being in a privileged setting, something one could never experience, as a place of residence. 

Harmonious, luxurious and blissful are three adjectives, which perfectly define this idyllic spot. 

As soon as we reached this hotel, we were bewitched by the magnificence of the place. The wonderful sea view, the infinity pool, which overlooks the Mediterranean sea or even the little private beach: everything is perfect…According to me, this hotel is an intimate and exclusive place, where one really feels honored. 

One might even think that this hotel is unnatural, yet still there is a warm and friendly atmosphere. 






Perhaps because it’s not a palace, where one feels right at home, immediately.

One can find this same ambiance in their restaurant “Ficus”, where one can have lunch in gardens near the pool. The menu is simple and based on sharing and the quality of products!

Of course, the clients are very international (we were the only French around), fancy but relaxed. According to me, this is the perfect hotel to spend 3 to 4 days. It has only one gourmet restaurant for dinner, which gives the opportunity to go to Monaco, as it is right next door.



Avenue Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco
04 93 28 66 66