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[:fr]Le Monte-Carlo Beach La Vigie[:]

We go to the « Beach » every year, therefore I know this place in and out. Let me be straight about it: I absolutely love it! According to me, The Monte-Carlo Beach is really top-notch, but also complete in terms of services and experiences. 

The hotel wouldn’t have turned into an icon, if it wasn’t connected to the Beach Club, with its 50 meters sea water swimming pool, not to mention its pier and “very chic” shacks, in stripped beach cloth, which the high-fliers of Monaco don’t hesitate renting during the season and making sure they can access the spot! 

Useless to mention, that the clientele is from abroad and hyper-upscale. During the day at the beach club, of course it’s a continuous parade of luxurious beachwear and outstandingly expensive jewelry, but overall the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. One feels comfortable immediately.  

One comes across celebrities at Vigie, an outdoor restaurant which has just been renovated, with a lounge area, made up of plush sofas and a lunch-dinner area, with teak furniture and high-end cord. 

And the wonderful sea view is definitely without an equal, it reminds me of Nobu, Malibu. 





You can also have lunch at Deck, the swimming pool restaurant where the famous pizzeria won the best pizzas of the world award, in 2014 and 2016! 

I strongly recommend eating the food at Elsa restaurant, the first bio star. Its terrace and the sea view, not to mention top-notch cuisine of chef Paolo Sari, will turn this restaurant into an inescapable Monegasque for you. The service is beyond reproach!

For the non-residents of the hotel, you can spend the day at the Beach and enjoy the outdoor facilities (daily fee). 



Avenue Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco
04 93 28 66 66