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Following the lock down and the tough year we are going through, some of you may have let your hair down, done less sports and gained weight. This is the reason why establishments which specialize in losing weight and getting back in shape are present, so that we can detox in great depth and this should help us a lot!


We’ve chosen the know-how and professionalism of Henri Chenot: the Chenot method is at crossroads with the traditional Chinese medicine, Modern western medicine and efficient nutritional plans. As Madam Chenot would say, the journey towards well-being begins here.

We went through the Henri Chenot cure two years ago in Merano, Italy and it was very effective, but the decor was outdated, and the food was bland. They broke off their partnership with this hotel to settle down in Switzerland and open the Chenot Palace in Weggis.

It is at the foot of the Alps with a scenic view of the Lucerne Lake, and we settled our suitcases here. The original Belle-Epoque hotel has been completely renovated, and several super contemporary wings have been added to turn it into a resolutely modern and very refined palace. Several cozy lounges with a fireplace, an elegant tearoom “La Tisanière” and the main restaurant have a magical view of Lucerne Lake, as do almost all the bedrooms.

The hotel even has a private lakefront beach for lounging. Not to mention the huge gym and the swimming pool, which also have a bewitching view!

Madame Chenot intensified her research for the menus and chose to offer a menu amounting to 800 calories per day, which is entirely vegan food as part of the “advanced detox” cure. There is no salt in the food, but 3 spices which are suggested during each meal; paprika, nutmeg and cumin and we can add these as we please.

Each time, comforting names come up in the dishes when you read the menu, tagliatelle, burger, ravioli, noodles, risotto without any starch.

The food is really good for detox menus, and at the end of the meal you feel satiated after the 3-course meal: Pre-starter, starter, and main course along with still or lemon water.


During the initial days, the body draws on its reserves and this will help detoxify the liver, intestines, colon etc.

At the end of the 3rd day, to continue losing weight, there are 30 hours of fasting where you only drink Shiitake and lemongrass broth, instead of the meals and with a laxative to purge yourself during the night.


The 5000m2 spa has everything you need with personalized treatments. To give you an idea, here is a typical day while doing the detox cure:

  • Hydro aromatherapy (hot bath with plant extracts and mineral salts)
  • Phyto- Mud therapy (covered with vegetable mud)
  • Hydro jet therapy (revitalizing high pressure showers)
  • Chenot energetic massage (draining with suction pads)
  • Chenot Bio Energetic treatment (based on acupuncture)
  • Complete body analysis (including CT scan)
  • Consultations with a doctor and a nutritionist


You also have “companion” packages for people who wish to come with their friend/ husband/partner but do not want to do the entire detox program. The menu remains the same during such a situation (with the possibility of adjustments that are validated by the nutritionist) and the treatments are reduced to two per day, the energy massage and bio-energy treatment. This is the formula I chose.


My energy balance is perfect, so I did not find it essential to do the bioenergetic treatment, mostly because I hate needles and acupuncture. Too bad as they didn’t want to replace it with something which suited me more.

The energy massage, on the other hand, was really perfect for draining with a machine that sucks the skin with suction pads.

It is possible to add additional treatments. Thus, I chose through a doctor’s advice, 2 vitamin infusions and a detox infusion to strengthen my immunity. During the COVID pandemic, it won’t do any harm!

The advantage of having a new hotel and such a great location is that the cure feels like a holiday. It is truly a haven of peace; we are completely disconnected from world with an exceptional scenery.

During mid-season just before Easter, we were able to enjoy the sun, take beautiful walks and one doesn’t feel guilty about being in a cure instead of enjoying the South of France for example! To benefit from the effects properly, the cure must last at least 8 days.

In terms of the sanitary measures: the hotel ensures not to exceed 50% occupancy, a PCR test is required, reservations for the hammam area, sauna in advance and you need to wear a mask while moving around!

The review? We come back cleansed, detoxified, cholesterol-free and in great shape!


Chenot Palace Weggis

Hertensteinstrasse 34, 6353 Weggis, Suisse