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It’s summer already and many of you are curious about testing out the new Saint-Tropez! I have just gotten back from a first long weekend on the peninsula and here are my initial firm favorites. (Non-exhaustive list)! 

Let’s begin this article at the port and its two restaurants (opened by the owners of  l’Opéra and «La Petite Plage ») who put down roots with the« L’Italien » which takes us at the heart of Italy through its decoration, lightings and utensils, worthy of the Amalfi coast. 

A very appealing and gourmet menu, something one could imagine for a typical Italian restaurant. The coming and going of tourists but also the yacht shows, gives rhythm to this Italian stroll. 

« La Petite Plage », right next to L’Italien, with your feet in the sand and a welcoming decor, is like a house at the seaside.

The menus of these two restaurants are signed by the 3-star chef  Éric Fréchon (chef of the Epicure restaurant, at Bristol Paris). Of course, the specialties revolve around fishing, sea bream, crab, flounder, cod, and around 10pm, the music dials up a little and lets your body find its bearings. 

From flavors of the East with the  Salama  replacing Villa Romana, with a very inspired and harmonious non-flamboyant decor, along with several patios and a very varied menu, not to mention a Moroccan influence but Mediterranean too, is a treat! 


Now let’s head towards the beaches!

My ultimate favorite was the Réserve Plage  a 5* specialized beach restaurant and authentic decor, signed Philippe Starck, and a menu in keeping with my expectations! The delicious guacamole is made right in front of us, the sea is only a few feet away which is a rarity today at Saint Tropez, as most of the new restaurants at the beach are further away. 

The original decoration of Mykonos comes along this summer at Saint Tropez, moreover Verde Beach is in my opinion the best beach to party there and the food is delicious! It’s the perfect combination between Dolce Vita and « Baila Baila Baila », as the DJ turns up the music from his wooden cabana 3 pm onwards and makes room for Champagne Showers!

I must speak to you about Loulou, for their first season, which resumes the Parisian menu that I love, but with local specialties as an addition. The decor makes me think about Club 55, which is of course iconic, but also top-notch and younger with tamaris, that makes the place all the more charming. 

Les Palmiers,  the place is beautiful, the atmosphere is Hippie Chic, there is customer loyalty and the truffle pasta is wonderful as ever! 

Indie Beach, is very pleasant, mainly to come and have a drink in the cozy seating area, along with the family atmosphere. 


Saint-Tropez reasserts itself by being less flashy, more genuine and in keeping with the surroundings. Everyone was impatient for Bagatelle who opened on the 13th July, which is gigantic! And to have gone there, it still lacks staff to have a service at the height of the establishment…


Restaurant Loulou Ramatuelle

L'Italien port de Saint Tropez

Pâtes à la truffe Les Palmiers Saint-Tropez