The best beach restaurants in Saint-Tropez

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It’s time to share with you my new recommendations for Saint-Tropez and its surroundings.

With all the new beach restaurants that opened this year, here are my favorites.

Festive beaches:

The beach everyone has been talking about this summer is Gigi. It’s a beach house hidden under a pine forest that the Paris Society group has transformed into a restaurant, with a pool, a petanque court, a club for kids…

It features classic Italian cuisine as well as must-try Mediterranean dishes. And I can tell you that the food is really delicious!

I loved the arancini with truffles, the tuna carpaccio, the vitello tonnato, the zucchini flowers and the lobster pasta. And to finish it all off with the frosted fruits and tiramisu are the perfect combo.

1050 Chemin des Barraques, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 22 40 00 30


I fell in love with the quality of the food at Bagatelle Beach, whose kitchens are now supervised by Rocco Seminara (former chef of the Byblos) and Manon Santini (she won the world cup for the best dessert pizza).

You can order absolutely everything with your eyes closed. Pizza and ravioli with truffles, marinated cockles, prime rib, sea bass, chocolate pizza. You can go there at the first service to have a quiet lunch or at the second service to have a party as a bonus.

Les Tamaris, Chemin de Matarane, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 79 83 25


Club Les Palmiers
The most uspcale of the hippie chic beaches. This is the beach where I ate the most this year and I was never disappointed.

I love to eat the sea bass ceviche, the beef filet (well done for me) with pepper sauce (the mashed potatoes and fries are crazy too). The whole sea bream in carpaccio/ceviche is a must have.

The raw lobster in carpaccio, the coconut and lime cream, everything is delicious!

Chemin des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 79 82 70

Casa Amor
Casa Amor (Moma Group) is the most festive Mexican beach this year where all the clientele of Tulum/Mykonos meet

And we thank Chef Akrame who signed the menu that makes us travel. If you are tired of eating the same thing on the beach, the bohemian cuisine of Casa Amor is for you.

We love the green salmon tartare, the sea bream tiradito, the crispy quinoa, the beef tacos, the roasted mini cauliflowers.Come to the first course to enjoy the Bossa Nova band.

And stay for the second course to party in the “Alemagou” spirit.

1095 Chemin des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 43 91 49





Always such a nice clientele and their truffle pizza is always so good.

Plage de Pampelonne, Chem. des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 79 80 04


Verde Beach
Very good food, but we come here especially to have the biggest parties!

1149 Chemin de l’EPI, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 79 72 23


We love the Mykonos-inspired atmosphere and the delicious cuisine of the greek chef, Yiannis Kioroglou.

A cuisine of sharing where we fall for the filo feta, black sesame and honey, the spicy grilled beef, the marinated prawns, and for dessert the crispy crepe with custard and cinnamon.

Chemin des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 43 87 34


Family beaches:

Jardin Tropezina:
Jardin Tropezina is really the beach where we enjoy going every day. The view is sublime, you can go for lunch or dinner (very romantic with a band), and enjoy the sunbeds for the day.  We come there for a romantic moment or with our family. Of course, the food is delicious, devil’s avocado, yellowtail, gamberoni carpaccio with caviar, fish to share.

Ps: I’m also a big fan of their roasted chicken with truffles!

4 Route du Pinet, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 97 36 78


La Réserve Plage
I still love this 5* beach of the hotel La Réserve.

A refine and authentic decoration signed by Philippe Starck.

We love the cuisine made by the chef Éric Canino . Rigatoni with black truffle, the guacamole made in front of our eyes, the zucchini flowers, the sea bream ceviche with black truffle, the huge Milanese escalope and their impressive rum baba for 2/3 persons.

Chemin de l’EPI, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 7 85 14 72 90


Le Byblos Beach
I would say that this is the most upscale beach. We eat divinely well there, the decoration is superb. I invite you to watch my video tasting interview from last year.

42 Boulevard Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 43 15 00


Les Salins
This is the simplest and most chic beach at the same time. I have never seen so many celebrities who love this discreet and not at all ostentatious.

We come here to eat with our feet in the water and to enjoy  a family cuisine.

I love having their salmon tartar, sharing a fish, their risotto, pasta bolognese or their burger.

Ps: I heard that the pizzeria upstairs is very good too.

340 Chemin des Salins, 83990 Saint-Tropez

+33 4 94 97 15 66


Indie Beach 

Ambiance familiale la journée, ils ont changé de chef et la nourriture y est très bonne et les prix restent corrects par rapport à certaines plages.

Je vous recommande les ceviches, les gambineros, les gambas en tempura avec la sauce épicée, la salade de concombre. Tout est bon!

+33 04 94 79 81 04


Le Club 55
We go there for this iconic place, the ambiance but not to eat well unfortunately. We still like their baskets of raw vegetables served with an anchovy sauce.

Best to go in low season to avoid the crowd.

43, Boulevard Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle

+33 4 94 55 55 55



La Brigantine
This is the new beach of the Lily of The Valley hotel in La Croix Valmer.

Unique terrace decorated by Philippe Starck on the waterfront of Gigaro beach. The chef Vincent Maillard charms us immediately with his traditional Italian cuisine. 

We fell in love with the fried calamari with aïoli, the yellowtail crudo (vegetables marinated in lemon and mint), and the Albufera chicken fillet (stuffed with truffle), with the Pensato linguine.

Colline Saint Michel, Boulevard Abel Faivre, Quartier de Gigaro, 83420 La Croix-Valmer

+33 4 22 73 22 51