Ginger-infused citrus baba with bergamot cream

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Recipe for an incredible citrus baba! Ginger infused with a light bergamot cream.
A live special at  Four Seasons Megève with their pastry chef Jonathan Chapuy who also makes the desserts for the starred restaurant La Dame de Pic le 1920 of Anne-Sophie Pic ⭐️.


The video recipe is just below the steps.









Baba dough (20 portions)


-360g T45 flour                                                                -3,5g fine salt
-120g butter
-19g baker’s yeast-19g honey-430g fresh whole eggs

In a small bowl with the hook, put the flour, salt, butter and honey and chill for about 20 minutes.
Add half of the eggs and the yeast, knead in 2nd speed by adding little by little the rest of the eggs in several times, ideal temperature 24°C at the end of kneading.

Put the dough in a bag and tie for 15 minutes. Poach at 40/42g, in flexipan big sphere, tap well to eliminate the air bubbles.
Let grow covered (guitar sheet) in a tempered place at 1cm from the top of the mold, then cook at 180°C 9+10min.

Let cool on a wire rack, freeze through, then unmold and store.

And prepare the gelatin mass for the recipe the day before (20g fish gelatin powder 200 Bloom mixed with 100g water).















Soaking syrup (20 servings)

-875g water
-430g caster sugar -85g passion fruit juice -270g orange juice -140g ginger juice -60g lemon juice

Make a syrup by making a broth with all the elements.
Soak the baba spheres at 40°C, then drain on a rack, press very lightly with gloves and coat.


Lemon glaze (20 servings)

-150g neutral topping

-15g lemon juice

Heat topping slightly and add juice. Use warm with a brush to coat the baba.


Bergamot cream semi-mounted (60g/portion, 20 servings)

-1100g of UHT cream
-3 zested bergamots (microplane then chopped knife) -45g sugar -8g gelatin mass

Zest the bergamot and chop finely with a knife. Heat 10% of the cream with the sugar and gelatin and pour over the remaining ingredients. Set aside. Whip the cream to a frothy consistency.


Centrifuged ginger juice (20 servings)

-350g ginger
(= about 140g juice)

Strain the ginger in a centrifuge without peeling it, and sieve with a Tork paper to eliminate impurities. (500g/package under/empty)


Citrus jelly and semi-confit peel tablets (20 servings, 30g/assembly)


Infusion :

-420g water
-80g lemon juice
-90g yuzu juice
-36g sugar
-3 orange peels (peeler)
-3 lemon peel (peel)

Jelly :
-540g infusion
-85g gelatin mass
-QS fine ginger brunoise -QS lemon caviar rosé
-QS 1⁄2 orange supremes
-QS 1⁄2 pink grapefruit supremes – QS 1⁄2 lime supremes

Semi-confit zest:

-200g sugar
-180g water
-80g yellow lemon juice
-QS “poached” citrus peels

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Infusion: Boil water, lemon juice and sugar. Add the zests with a peeler and infuse for 30 minutes. Strain and keep the zests!

Jelly: Re-estimate the infusion and add the gelatin. Pour to 30g onto 6.5cm filmed circles garnished with 3 1⁄2 pomelo supremes, 3 1⁄2 orange supremes, 3 1⁄2 lime supremes, fine ginger brunoise and lemon caviar.
/!\ Drain the supremes 2 times on TORK to remove all moisture!

Semi-frozen zest: Make a syrup and pour it over the poached citrus peels, strain on contact and let cool completely to room temperature.

Then cut into pellets using 15 and 8 mm stainless steel tubes. Set aside in the syrup. For 1 portion: 3 orange pastilles 15mm, 3 lemon pastilles 15mm, 3 orange pastilles 8mm, 3 lemon pastilles 8mm


Finishes (20 servings)
-1 box of Atsina cress

Place the citrus jelly in the center of a soup plate, place the baba decorated with candied citrus peel and Atsina cress sprouts on top. Serve with a bowl of semi-mature bergamot cream.


Click below to watch the recipe on video: