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I have always liked the BeefBar in Monaco. In fact, I thought that Paris didn’t have a trendy steakhouse. This is now possible with the BeefBar since late 2018 by Riccardo Giraudi, instead of Fermette Marbeuf on the street with the same name.


Firstly, let’s talk about the decor, because that’s what we notice initially: the architects Humbert and Poyet signed a superb renovation, with different rooms (including the famous art deco skylight), around a bar and a DJ (only in the evening or for brunch). The atmosphere is extremely classy with a profusion of noble materials, right until the utensils, signed Bernardaud: a genuine high-end experience but warm at the same time. 










The menu is very attractive and creative, we want to taste everything! And what I like most about The Beefbar are the appetizers: they are scrumptious and delicious, like the Black Angus confit crispy roll, parmesan and truffle pizza, kebab and gyozas, beef ham, and tuna-burrata-truffle layer cake.
As for the main course, heart of the filet with mashed potatoes or fries (parmesan- truffle) is excellent!

In my opinion, this is a perfect place for both lunch and dinner. Knowing that the evening menu is more diversified than the lunch menu and even tastier!






5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris
01 44 31 40 00



Restaurant Beefbar Paris boeuf