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If you’re looking for a bewitching brief aside, for a lunch or dinner, while enjoying the view of the Parisian monuments. You think of…? Of course, the new restaurant of Alain Ducasse! 

He lost his exclusivity to Jules Vernes but failing to take flight, the latter switched over to a lavish barge, to make us visit the monuments through culinary tastings. This is where the culinary adventure takes on its full meaning! 

Ducasse on Seine, this is exactly what was missing in Paris and Alain Ducasse managed to meet this challenge, by “combining” flavors with view. 

With every appetizer, one relishes the view of a new monument in front us. You have a cruise booklet, so that you don’t get lost in the City of Light and don’t miss out on any of the key Parisian monuments, during your dinner. 

For Valentines Day, we chose (of course with my partner), to try out this new restaurant and we weren’t disappointed. The special menu of the evening was based on :

  • Royal Duck Foie Gras, which was worked like a mousse and makes the foie gras lighter, with the view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Crab in celery remoulade with caviar, fresh in the mouth, not to mention delicious, while we gazed at the view of the Alexander III bridge.




Golden-Fried scallops, citrus and black truffles, stuffed farm poultry along with classic seasonal vegetables, but extremely well-done with the Notre Dame Cathedral, in the background. 


To conclude this romantic getaway, the chocolate souffle tart, a creation of Alain Ducasse was just amazing, the decoration around the theme of love was “the cherry on the cake”! The Louvre itself can gives evidence …

Once again, Paris surprised and marveled me, I don’t know of any other place which can offer a similar experience. My senses were aroused!

I’ll definitely go back!





Port Debilly, 75116 Paris
01 58 00 22 08