Pistachio strawberry cake with Nicolas Guercio

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Pistachio-strawberry-basil cake, vanilla-lime chantilly, meringue slivers and strawberry jelly with Nicolas Guercio, pastry chef from Hôtel Lutetia.

  • Pistachio cake mix
    2 eggs
    135g sugar
    1g of salt
    55g of cream
    100g flour
    2g baking powder
    30g melted butter
    45g pistachio paste


  • Strawberry jelly
    150 g strawberries
    2g gelatine


  • Vanilla whipped cream
    200 g cream 35%
    20g powdered sugar
    20g mascarpone
    1 vanilla pod
    1 lime
    Basil leaves


  • Meringue
    100g egg whites
    100g sugar
    100g powdered sugar


  • Green pistachio glaze
    250g white chocolate
    35g grape seed oil
    100g chopped pistachios
    50g cocoa butter
    PM Lyposoluble green coloring


  • Crumble chips
    50g almond powder 50g powdered sugar
    50g butter
    50g of flour
    PM fleur de sel


  • Provide
    A few strawberries for decoration
  • Pistachios
    Powdered sugar
  •  Silver leaves
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