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Megève, the trendiest resort of the moment, deserves the highest praise for the restaurants that have almost all opened at the same time!

So where to go out in Megève when you come for the weekend?

It’s hard to do everything in such a short time, that’s why I share with you my recommendations.

I still have a few places to do so I will add to this article throughout the season 😉 .


The most beautiful places in altitude

L’Idéal 1850

The most beautiful terrace of Megève, we eat well there but we come especially to take advantage of this panoramic view. It’s hard to resist the truffle pizza for the aperitif.

I recommend you when there is the shucker, to take the oysters and the crab, it is divine. (You can come as a pedestrian).


Le Chalet Sauvage 

This is really my favorite spot to eat and party at altitude. The kitchen is signed by Éric Fréchon, and everything is really excellent! The best Croque-Monsieur with truffles is here! We love the snails with pesto, the gambas in tempura, the beef filet with pepper sauce, the beef rib, the cromesquis with reblochon cheese, and the Mont-Blanc for dessert! The prices are high but it’s really worth it!

It is also accessible for pedestrians by the Mont d’Arbois and Princesse gondolas. Don’t forget to bring good walking shoes, the way back up is not easy.


 Le Tigrr

Nice place at 1400 meters of altitude, the Tigrr has replaced the Café Woody and proposes an Asian menu with a nice decoration (and reasonable prices).

It’s good to have a change of food. I recommend the vegetable steams, the green curry chicken, pork ribs, shabu-shabu and the chocolate egg rolls. (You can come as a pedestrian).

Super Megève

Another place that’s just as good in price with a great view is the Super Megève.

I love to eat their Angus beef rib and the Kobe beef with the potatoes is perfect.

The tarte tatin for dessert is also very good. (You can come as a pedestrian).



L’Alpette has been taken over by Annie from Super Megève and I advise you to book the terrace upstairs, the view is sublime and the menu is not bad at all! I recommend the crab and crab in remoulade, the poke bowl, the tuna mi-cuit.


La Fruitière & La Folie Douce

Ideal for eating well and partying (only for skiers).


The Chalet Lupo

Superb discovery of the Chalet Lupo which has been taken over. The menu is Italian and the location is sublime!

We love the artichokes fried with lemon, the home-made taglionis with porcini mushrooms, the orecchiette with artichokes and lemon, the melting Milanese escalope. For the desserts, the tarte tatin and the tiramisu are delicious.


Le tremplin de la Croix

This is the hidden spot in Saint-Gervais where you can eat simple and tasty food with an incredible view on the Mont-Blanc and especially at a lower price! Remember to book outside as it is noisy and crowded inside. (Access only for skiers).


Chalet Le Forestier

A charming and authentic restaurant with reasonable prices and good comfort food by chef Emmanuel Renaut.

I recommend the tartiflette with reblochon, the coquillettes with ham and truffle, the pasta with deer bolognese and the Mont-Blanc for dessert. (Access only for skiers or courageous people who come with snowshoes).


The atmospheric restaurants for dinner


My first favorite that was really missing in Megève, Kinugawa. The decor is beautiful, the sushi delicious, and the second course is perfect when the DJ touches the turntables to make us feel during the dinner. I’m still a fan of their crunchy salmon/tuna patties with white truffle tarama. But also the fatty tuna sushi and the half-cooked salmon californias with ponzu sauce.


Le Piaf

Fan of the Piaf in Megève, with a pianist, a singer and a very good acoustic sound, we can hear each other talking during the dinner and it’s really nice. About the music, there is something for all tastes, the restaurant turns into a real dancing restaurant. As for the menu, I recommend the scallop carpaccio with truffle, the truffle croque-monsieur and the choux filled with ice cream to dip in chocolate as well as the chouquettes with cream.


Le Chacha

The restaurant and bar with a live band every night from 6pm to 2am.

A tempting menu signed by Emmanuel Renaut, you will find local dishes but also some unavoidable ones.

We like:

  • The carpaccio of sea bass marinated in citrus fruits with potato croquette.
  • Mushroom, potato and alpine cheese fricassee.
  • The roasted pork chop with fir tree and spicy mustard.
  • And the hot Mont Blanc waffle (with chestnut cream).

A younger clientele, ideal to go for a drink/dinner with friends or to meet new people.

The cocktail I loved, “The Citrus Infusion”.


La Ferme Saint-Amour

The best place to party and the menu is delicious since it is signed by Éric Fréchon.


Cosa Papa

The perfect place to come with your family to eat a good Italian meal and play bowling (only 3 lanes, so make sure to book in advance).  It feels like home. At the second service, it’s more festive on weekends and we even dance on the tables.

I recommend the eggplant parmigiana, vitello tonnato, spicy tomato fusilli with stracciatella and basil.


Le Café

The food is always good and there with an authentic and warm decor, the restaurant is convivial with a singer every evening. The prime rib is very good and so are the truffle ravioles (even if, as in Saint-Tropez, the music during the second service is as loud as in a discotheque and you can’t hear yourself speak).


Indie Mountain

The place is charming, the food is ok, signed Diego Alary and one spends a good moment between friends with music also in the 2nd service.


The quieter restaurants

Le Cœur de Megève

Le Coeur de Megève where the restaurant Le Cœur has been taken over since last summer. An alpine bistronomic restaurant which deserves for me a Michelin star because everything was perfect! The decor is very intimate and warm, a superb place to meet in peace, in love.


La Trattoria de la Taverne

The Trattoria de la Taverne taken over by the Four Seasons.

Even if the prices are expensive, we spend a good moment there. We like the vitello tonnato, the pasta caccio e pepe in the wheel of parmesan, and the tiramisu with chestnut.


La Trattoria de la Taverne

The Tavern Trattoria taken over by the Four Seasons and signed by the chef Simone Zanoni.

Even if the prices are expensive, we spend a good time. We like the vitello tonnato, the caccio e pepe pasta in the parmesan wheel, and the chestnut tiramisu.


Amore Hibou,

A nice menu with reasonable prices (less expensive than the trattoria), the Bourdoncle group (Sénéquier, La Palette…) has a superb sunny terrace in the heart of the village of Megève.

We love the pasta caccio e pepe with parmesan cheese that arrives hot, and the tiramisu made before our eyes. A 100% Italian restaurant directed by the chef Marco Ardiri.


Les Fermes de Marie

Ideal when it snows outside because the place is not very bright and we appreciate the good comfort food.




The traditional Japanese restaurant at the Four Seasons, if you like Peking duck, this one is delicious.


Les restaurants Gastronomiques

La Dame de Pic by Anne Sophie Pic

I fell in love with the cuisine of Anne-Sophie Pic who took over the gastronomic restaurant of the Four Seasons, the 1920.

La Dame de Pic impressed me, and it had been a long time since I had not had culinary emotions like these. The Chef handles with perfection and audacity a high level cuisine with a feminine touch that is unlike any other.

I recommend the “Epicurean” menu at 170€.


Le Flocon de Sel  by Emmanuel Renaut

An experience that you must live once is to eat directly in the kitchen and there it is a unique dinner when you are served by the three Michelin star chef.


The restaurants on my list to tell you about soon:

Le Relais

Julien Gatillon

Le Saint-Nicolas

Sur les prés

Le Refuge

Le Tremplin de La Croix