The best restaurants and spots in Saint-Barth

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If you are planning your next trip to Saint-Barth, then this article will be very useful.

It was my first time and I was completely charmed by this island, you feel safe there, you eat as well as on the French Riviera, and you love the wild side.

A little advice that will save you when you pack your suitcase, bring two outfits for day and evening, a pair of sandals, a swimsuit and your toiletries in a hand luggage because there is a 1 in 2 chance that your suitcase will arrive two days later. I had been warned and I was glad to have anticipated this problem!

Here are my favorite places to make your stay unforgettable!


To have lunch and enjoy the panorama of the island.

I recommend the iconic place, the Eden Rock Saint-Barth. A simple and good cuisine signed by Jean-Georges which is much more refined in the evening for dinner.

Shellona Saint-Barth is the beach where I started to fall in love with this island, the location is sublime and the food is really good.

Le Rivage Saint-Barth, a heavenly beach located in the Grand Cul de Sac with a delicious Italian cuisine and the best fresh lobster pasta! The chefs are Italian, the setting is superb and calm, a simply magical lunch.


The Roosewood Guanahani is really the dream hotel to stay at, you can also come and have lunch there and spend the day on the sunbeds. Even the pastries are delicious!

There is also the Toiny, a beautiful hotel where you can have lunch with the panoramic sea view but also go down with their 4×4 shuttle and enjoy the beach and their restaurant.

On the other hand, to swim it is rather rocky so take into account if you stay in this hotel.

And let’s not forget the Gyp Sea, a beautiful beach sheltered from the wind and the food is also tasty.

For partying, there’s Nikki Beach (much fancier than St. Tropez) and the new Nao Beach which is very nice but very windy during the Christmas winds.

For dinner, I loved the Sella, which is part of the same group as the Balagan in Paris. Crazy atmosphere and the food is really delicious. If you love to dance, this is the place to go.

In a calmer and more romantic atmosphere, with a “jungle” decor, it’s the Tamarin restaurant, I still remember the fish which was extraordinary (cooked in a hot drawer).

The Cheval Blanc is not the most beautiful establishment of the chain if we compare with Paris or Saint-Tropez, we just went there to have a drink, we spent a very good moment there (service and quality always with the appointment). Their restaurant in front of the sea, looks really perfect to dine there.



L’Eden Rock, for a romantic atmosphere with a background of music and a refined cuisine as I said above.

I was recommended the Italian restaurant L’Isola, but we didn’t have the time to do it, you’ll tell me about it ;).

For easy swimming, the most beautiful beach is the Gouverneur beach.

And for a superb trek with a superb beach, it is the beach of Colombier. You can get there by boat or by foot in about 20 minutes.

The must-do excursions in a day trip are to the Ile Fourchue, the Ile Tintamarre and the Karibuni restaurant on the Îlet de Pinel off Saint-Martin which is also a small hotel. It’s just beautiful, an air of Polynesia! You will eat there the lobster pasta and the tuna tartar with aïoli, simply the paradise!

We were advised a good value hotel if we have to come back next time, it is the Tropical Hotel.

There you go, I hope you took notes, don’t hesitate to give me a feedback of your experience on my Instagram account Ladyjoe_.