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It really was my dream to finally go to Capri, and I wasn’t disappointed by the beauty of the scenery, it’s simply magical and so romantic!

It’s a trip you’ll need to plan well in advance if you don’t have local contacts, because the best time to come is in June, when everything is fully booked.

In fact, I booked the Punta Tragara hotel from October to get one of the cheapest rooms available with a sea view.

I chose this hotel because the view is sublime and the rooms are very good for Italy, when you consider that decoration is generally outdated. I’d say that for a first visit to Capri, this is the hotel you need for a complete change of scenery and the best view of the island.

The only drawback is that mini-carts are not allowed, and you have to walk almost a kilometer every time to get to the village with all its restaurants. But it’s better than being in Anacapri, where you’re far from everything.

So forget the heels, think of it as a digestive stroll.

As for the restaurants, as my American girlfriend would say, “If you want a salad here, forget about it!”

It’s really complicated to eat healthily, because the vegetables or salads really aren’t up to scratch and you inevitably lean towards the pasta where you’re never disappointed!

To give you a full description, here’s our recommended program, where we went from Thursday to Monday.

On Thursday evening, to get us in the mood straight away, I had booked Da Paolino, Capri’s legendary lemon tree restaurant. It’s one of the restaurants where we ate the best! On the other hand, the prices are really expensive and the portions tiny.

On Friday, I had booked the boat to see the Faraglioni and we had lunch in a superb restaurant accessible only by boat, Conca del Sogno.

The food was average, we had starters and shared a fish for two which they served on a bed of spinach and potatoes. A side dish you’d rather eat in winter than facing the sea… Their tiramisu saved the day.

For dinner, I chose Villa Verde in the village. There’s a great clientele, a good atmosphere and we ate well overall.

For lunch on Saturday, I booked the Beach Club, which I’ve heard so much about, Il Riccio. The location is superb, the food average. The lobster came from Canada… But the pasta with baby squid and tomatoes was exceptional and well worth the detour!

For dinner, I was recommended the famous restaurant Aurora in the village, which is a must-try restaurant! We ate there so well that we went back before leaving. Whether it’s the vitello tonnato, the parpadelle with truffle cacio e pepe, the pizza or the desserts, you’re in for a treat! An institution appreciated by celebrities, who have their photos taken all over the restaurant.

The next day, we took a superb walk to La Canzone del Mar, the beach club with a breathtaking panorama, but it’s really the only place I wouldn’t recommend.


The service is non-existent, only a few deckchairs are close to the sea, and the food in the restaurant is a disaster. In short, it’s a real shame.

In the evening, I booked our hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant,         Monzú of Punta Tragara and what a lovely surprise! Here’s a video preview of our menu. It was our most beautiful evening, on the terrace with impeccable service, truly refined and tasty cuisine and a sea view! A must for a perfect romantic evening!

On Monday, thanks to some American friends, we managed to get a table for lunch and spend the day at La Fontelina, and what an iconic place it is! In fact, it’s a 15-minute walk from the Punta Tragara hotel. The food isn’t the best, but it really is the most beautiful Beach Club to go to, and I was really pleased to be able to do it before leaving the next day.

I think you now have all the tips you need to prepare your stay!

I was also recommended the Torre Saracena for lunch, Olivo for dinner in a two Michelin star restaurant, Relai Blu, and Da Gelsomina which looks superb!

If you just want a drink with a view, I was also recommended the Capri Rooftop not far from Punta Tragara.

There’s also the new Oetkter Collection hotel, La Palma Capri, they also have a mini Beach Club with a beach, which is unique to Capri. And the food looks really refined!

Hotel Capri Palace has also opened the high-end Japanese restaurant chain Zuma on their rooftop last summer, a few weeks after we left.